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 by EJ Lashlee
  • Basics  Start here to learn about basic trust principles - READ First!
  • Decisions  Basic trust decisions and principles - READ next!
  • Privacy  How to get trust Privacy and use Private Asset Trusts - How to be private
  • Control  How to retain control with trustees and Private Asset Protection Trusts - Creators & Trustees
  • Benefits  How to receive benefits with Private Asset Protection Trusts - Beneficiaries & Heirs
  • We already have a trust  Amending Private Asset Protection Trusts - Free Review
  • Veterans Benefits  Veterans Government Pension - Special Trust Benefits
  • Medicaid Elgibility  Medical Concerns, Medicaid Elgibility Rules, Medicare Rules, Medicare Elgibility Qualifying Trusts - Qualifying Rules
  • Trust for the Pets  Guardians and protection with pets trusts for pet care and pet caretakers - Caretakers
  • Get On-Line Quote -  Trust Worksheet PRINT Worksheet
  • Asset Worksheet - PRINT Blank Form
  • History of Trusts  Origin and History of Trusts - Socrates the Trustee

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    * Create a Superior "Private Will" that supersedes the typical public Will.
    * Eliminate probate, disagreements, family disputes, and publicity
    * Avoid probate expense and wasted time to accomplish settlement
    * Manage and protect assets before, through, (and after) disability
    * Eliminate the need for a court appointed guardian
    * Avoid living trusts, partnerships, limited liability company (LLC) promotions
    * Eliminate probate abuse ...Minimize elder abuse ...Minimize family abuse and conflicts with friends
    * Minimize support expense ...Minimize medical expense ...Minimize education expense
    * Provide for family care and guardianship
    * Protect yourself from the legal and financial ravages of disability
    * Provide for pet care and guardianship
    * Distinguish the hype from the true expert advisers
    * Use a private trust as part of a complete estate plan to reach all your personal goals
    * Eliminate the need for a court appointed guardian
    * Manage or reduce taxes ...Understand documents ...Trust Officer, Speed of Will vs Trust forms
    * IRA & 401k safety, Land Trust, Special Needs Trust, Charitable Trust, Living Revocable Trusts
    * Reduce bookkeeping expense and accounting complexity
    * Protect your personal assets from business and professional claims
    * Protect your assets and your heirs’ assets from divorce
    * Minimize your risk of lawsuits and other claims against your assets
    * Create limited partnerships and LLCs to protect your assets
    * Make your business judgment-proof
    * Use domestic trusts to protect against lawsuits
    * Secure real estate and stock holdings against lawsuits


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    After reading the basics, EJ and his staff at True Trust Services will provide further information in advanced areas of privacy, asset protection, trusts, and other related areas. They intend to prove themselves with education and outstanding support that will inspire you to become a MEMBER of the Trust Organization.

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